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About Eumora™ Facial Bar

The Eumora™ Formulation

The Eumora™ facial bar has a skin balancing formulation that works on oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and on both fair and dark skin. This is achieved through Hma and Moor working together to detoxify and restore skin moisturize and pH balance; to bring back the natural radiance and glow of healthy skin.


Why the Eumora™ Formulation is So Effective

Eumora™ is formulated with active ingredients derived from Moor and microalgae imported from various parts of Europe. It is then manufactured in GMP certified facilities in South East Asia according to a secret formulation that works for a wide range of skin types and amazingly for a broad range of climates!

Moor Clay

It is a mysterious youth bestowing formula that comes from the underground of European countries. Numerous independent studies conclude that Moor helps shield our skin from environmental damage, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps reduce dryness and smoothens skin texture.

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Hydration micro-algae (Hma)

Hma is a trademark formulation which is formulated from a world-renowned pharmaceutical patent by a European company, derived from microalgae cultivated in the Hawaiian fresh water lakes. With a unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from the essence of microalgae, Hma  is an effective hydrating agent. Hma increases the cells capacity to heal damaged skin and create new skin cells. It re-energizes our skin, resulting in a firmer, less-lined and smoother look.

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How Eumora™ Moor Bar Helps Nourish Your Skin

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