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An acne treatment that works! Moor, a natural antiseptic, exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated and inflamed tissues. Enhanced with the power of HMA (Hydration MicroAlgae factor), this acne bar restores optimum oil balance by removing excess oils, and also triggers the regeneration of skin cells. Infused with anti-bacterial Chamomile extract, this acne-fighting Moor bar treats active acne breakouts, reduces bacteria and cleanses the skin.

Eumora™ Acne Treatment Bar's gentle and natural formula leaves your skin healthier, nourished and moisturized.

our newest product

4 key Benefits

best anti-bacterial bath soap for body acne



Moor's natural antiseptic properties prevent infections and reverses acne.

best shower soap for body acne



Reduce irritated or inflamed tissues to give healthier, fresh-looking skin.

best body soap for acne prone skin



Chamomile calms and soothes the skin, reducing redness.

best bath soap bar for body acne



No harsh chemicals. Formulated to high standards with purest ingredients.

product ingredients

Heilmoor Clay

Moor is a rare form of nutrient-rich peat created by the gradual transformation herbs, plants and flowers which been permanently submerged underground. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a "ripening" transformation process over thousands of years to produce homogeneous dark substance called Moor. All the substances within the plants are retained in the Moor during this "ripening" process, resulting in a unique herbal complex with deep cleansing function and a wide range of other beneficial properties.

(Hydration MicroAlgae factor)

Formulated from a world-renowned pharmaceutical patent by a European company, HMA is an effective moisturizing agent with a unique concentration of natural active ingredients extracted from the essence of MicroAlgae. HMA has deep and lasting moisturizing effects while strengthening the defense qualities of the skin barrier. It gives an extraordinary softness on the surface used. In addition, HMA is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can increase the cells' energy and protect the cells.


Fragrant, annual herb, native to Europe and naturalized in North America. The dried flowerheads contain a variable amount of volatile oil (chamazulene, alpha-bisabol, dicycloethers) and flavonoids (apigenin, apigetrin, rutin, luteolin and quercimetrin). In addition to the volatile oil others coumarins including umbelliferone and its methylether, plant acids and fatty acids are also present. Chamomile is recommended as anti-inflammatory, tonic and anti-irritant in a variety of cosmetic formulations.

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