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Our faces reveal a lot about our personalities and the way we live. Our laughter lines, freckles, beauty spots, big noses, bright eyes or thin lips give our faces individuality and character. Play up your best features and do not neglect your facial requirements.

The condition of our skin is a gauge of inner health, reflecting both our emotional and physical wellbeing. The skin is responsible for keeping vital moisture in and intruding bacteria out. It is the body's largest organ, insulating us in cold weather and keeping us cool by sweating when the heat is on. It responds to temperature, pain and touch through its sensory cells and excretes waste products and toxins through its pores.

The skin has an inbuilt hydrator, known as sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum levels determine our skin type. Dry skins have less sebum, whereas oily skins have a rich supply.

The colour of our skin is determined by the activity of the melanocyte cells that produce the pigment melanin. Levels of melanin are determined genetically. Melanin is the body's natural defence mechanism against ultraviolet (UV) light and when the skin is exposed to the sun, production steps up to help prevent burning. Tending to your outer beauty needs and inner health will result in a radiant complexion and paves the way to growing old gracefully.

Your cleanser is more important than you know. Feed your skin the right way by using Eumora and you will have youthful and radiant skin at any age! This is only because Eumora is more skin health than skin care. Eumora works inside out and not just on the outside. It nourishes your skin because of the moor mud.

Your 100% Natural Skin Makeover

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