Facial Exercises

Muscles lose their tone as we age but simple facial exercises can delay this and help improve the appearance of your face. To see results, you must do these twice daily for at least six weeks then continue at least twice a week to maintain the benefits.

Before starting, relax your breathing and sit comfortably with your back straight and your shoulders back. Repeat each motion three times or more (unless specified). Keep each motion slow and don't force it - you do not want to strain your muscles.

To keep neck muscles trim, lower your head slowly then raise it up, tilting as far back as possible. Look from side to side and tilt the head left then right, slowly.

To stimulate the area under the chin, slap it with the back of your hand, using fast tapping motions, 30 times.

For the muscles around the lips, grin widely (do not squint), hold for five seconds, and relax.

Then with your teeth together and lips slightly apart, extend the right corner of the mouth to the right, hold for five, then repeat by moving the left side of the mouth to the left.

To keep eyes healthy, look up and down then from right to left, without moving your head. Raise your eyebrows and look up, opening the eyes wide, then look down and close the eyes. Using two fingers, circle around the eyes, starting at the bridge of the nose and working out along the eyebrows over the cheek bones.

Finish off by lightly tapping the face with the pads of the fingers, working in fast fluid motions, to boost the circulation.

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