HMA - The "Secret" Ingredient To More Radiant & Youthful Looking Skin

I couldn’t stop glaring at the woman in my bathroom mirror.

Who is this wrinkly old hag who vaguely resembles me?

It wasn’t too long ago when I would strut into a function hall clad in my skin-tight dress and glamour in the limelight as the countless eyes in the room soaked my presence in. I would imagine a red carpet laid out in front of me as I waltz my way around, drawing men’s heads towards my direction.

I could never admit it openly to my gals, but secretly I loved, even craved for that attention.

But those are distant memories now.

Not with the crow’s feet and creases that have stamped their dominance all over my face. Forget about hunks ogling at me now, I would be lucky if a creepy old dude bothered to steal a glance my direction.

To say I was devastated is an understatement.

I remember storming out my bathroom, frantically searching for my phone.

It was the last straw. It was time I concede and get advice. The only one I could turn to was my girl, Sam. Despite being the same age, her face was always radiant and glowing. If anyone could save me, it has to be her.

“Sam. I don’t know what to do anymore. I think I’ve lost all my confidence. I hate growing old. I’ve tried just about everything and nothing works for me.”

I was in between screaming and wailing as I succumbed to my fate.

And for a few seconds she said nothing. Just empty silence on the line. I wasn’t even sure she heard what I was saying.

Then she replied softly in her sweet delicate voice.

“Kim, have you tried applying algae?”

A thousand curses must have entered my mind at once. “Was this a joke to her? Here I was at my wit’s end and there she was telling me to rub seaweed on my face?”

But as if she read my mind, she interrupted “I know it sounds strange, but you gotta trust me on this. Google about it then give me a quick ring, okay?”

That night I must have opened a hundred tabs on Safari. Scouring through the web reading research papers and scientific interviews on Algae Hydration.

To my surprise, it wasn’t a new discovery. In fact, this technique had thousands of years of history as a natural age-defying ingredient.

Here’s some of the things I discovered…

Algae by itself has the exceptional ability to deliver essential fatty acids that aids in collagen production. Collagen as you know is critical for cell renewal. It’s what gives our skin the healthy and bouncy texture.

But what makes it so potent is that when treated properly the nutrients are absorbed directly into our bloodstream. This helps the skin cell regenerate from within. It’s almost like a customised vitamin tablet for the skin.

It must have been way past midnight but I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer.

I dialled the phone, praying she was still awake.

“I knew you would call back.” Sam spoke as the line pulled through.

“You were right about algae!” I was almost gasping for air as I failed to contain my enthusiasm. “But surely there must be a better way than rubbing seaweed on my face? I mean, are there even treatments available off-the-shelf?”

That miraculous conversation transpired on a 2015 late-night Thursday.

Since then I have been involved in various beauty secret ingredients and out of the many, my personal favourite has still got to be the Austrian Heilmoor Mud.

Or the product we've developed it into… Eumora Facial Bar.

You see, the Eumora Facial Bar’s contains a unique Hydration MicroAlgae Factor (HMA) that is extracted from the essence of Haematococcus P. and Chlorella S cultivated in the fresh water lakes.

Here’s where it gets really interesting… Haematococcus P. and Chlorella S. are the type of microalgae species which do not produce toxins. Instead they provide a wide array of nutritional elements, including vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), chlorophyll, etc. Due to their high nutritional content and health benefits, it’s no surprise they have been hailed as super foods and sold as health supplements.

Bear in mind, Haematococcus P. and Chlorella S. are the type of microalgae that range in size from 2 to 8 microns (about the same size as a human blood cell) only and yet provide the highest concentrations of protein and beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A, an anti-oxidant) of any foods and supply various micronutrients.

But what makes the Hydration MicroAlgae Factor (HMA) so Life-Changing?

Needless to say, on top of being an effective hydrating agent, it is vitamin rich. All of these are essential components to help your skin retain its youthfulness, flexibility and natural beautiful looking appearance.

Briefly, here are some of its wonderful abilities:

  • HMA includes a component that is similar to the structure of hyaluronate 3D mesh structure, which has deep and lasting moisturizing effects while strengthening the mechanisms of our skin defenses, thus giving extraordinary softness and brightness to the skin
  • HMA is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can boost the effect of increasing our skin’s cell energy and protect it from various kinds of pressure and harmful chemicals
  • With its absolute compatibility to the skin, it doesn’t irritate and provides moisture for all skin types in all climates
  • It also helping to revitalize, repair and restore collagen

So there you have it, algae really are an amazing component for beauty and cosmetic products today. I won’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more algae-based products on your next beauty spree.

Coming back to my story…

After that conversation, it wasn’t long before I stumbled upon Eumora Shea Butter.

When I first tested it, it felt ordinary on the onset. But as I continued testing it, you can feel the difference as your skin gets a little tighter and the glow starts to set back in.

But the ultimate test was when men started looking back my way. And my gals were complimenting me on the difference they’ve noticed.

People were asking me for my “secret” which I was more than happy to share with them. After all, I thought those days were gone and would never come back but here I was pleasantly surprised right up to this day as I’m writing this column.

The rest as they say is history.

As a closer, I dare proclaim HMA is possibly the secret ingredient to retaining eternal youthfulness or as close as it is humanly possible.

So the next time you’re feeling dread staring at those wrinkles laid across your face, why not try applying algae?

Your 100% Natural Skin Makeover

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