7 Ways to Look and Feel Decades Younger

When your skin ages, it tends not to be as elastic as before and it sags. Fine lines start to appear when there is a decrease in the skin tone and skin dryness sets in. It is easy to look youthful again with EUMORA, a simple facial bar that does wonders to your skin. Here are a few other things that will do wonders for you to look and feel younger.

  1.  Cosmetics

    It is beneficial to use different ways of applying make-up on your skin as your skin ages, as compared to when you had younger skin. It is wiser to change how you make-up as your skin has changed. Below are different ways to look younger:

    * Try not to use powder as it highlights the wrinkles on your skin. Instead, use cream-based products.

    * Use a warmer and lighter tone of colours for your blushes and bronzers.

    * Do not use a darker-toned colour base. However, you can use a lighter one and add intensity with bronzers.

    * Choose a lighter-coloured lip liner as compared to the colour of the lipstick.

    * Do not use dark-coloured eyeshadows.

    * Pat and not rub or pull your skin when applying make-up on your skin.

    * You can have a glowing look by using products with “shimmer” effect.
  1. Moisturize Everyday

    Your skin has to maintain its moisture even though it does not feel dry, all the more so for aging skin. Aging skin is drier than young skin as it does not excrete as much oil as before. Moisturizers containing vitamin E or natural oils are effective for maintaining moisture, especially sweet almond oil. It is believed that sweet almond oil can make older skin look younger!

    Always apply moisturizer before applying your make-up and use a night cream before you hit the bed.
  1. Make Sure to Cleanse Gently

    Be careful not to rub your skin too hard with a towel. Skin care experts recommend that you pat your skin dry after cleansing.

    Look for face cleansers that use all-natural ingredients that won’t hurt your skin, especially in the delicate areas around your eyes.

    EUMORA is an effective cleanser for older skin. Its ingredients are so naturally powerful that it can reduce the signs of aging skin from even a lifetime of exposure to sun, smoke, pollution and chemicals. Suitable for everyday use on all skin types, EUMORA simply cleans your skin for a brighter and refreshed result.

  1. Hydrate Yourself

    H2O is very vital for our body cells to function well, especially so for skin that is aging. By drinking lots of water, it helps your skin to regain its radiant glow in the quickest way. It is all right if you would like to add some fresh fruit or vegetable juice to your water. Do ensure that most of the liquid that you consume is still water. Coffee, tea and sodas are still not as beneficial as the “good old water”.
  1. Give Your Skin a Massage

    A gentle massage every morning can help to make your skin look more relaxed and smoother. It not only aids in blood circulation, it also gives the old skin a perk. To learn more about the different ways of massaging your skin, you can search online for tutorials or consult a skincare expert.
  1. Quit Smoking

    Smoking is not only detrimental to the internal parts of your body, but also the external. Generally, a smoker tends to look 1.4 years older than those who don’t. The toxic that is produced from smoking not only result in bad health, it also decreases the blood flow in your body, hence causing your skin to look dry and giving you a bad skin tone, even in younger people.
  1. Get Your Beauty Sleep

    Late nights are not doing any favor to your skin. Sleep is not only crucial for your physical and mental health, it is absolutely essential to looking beautiful. At least eight hours of sleep is recommended by experts. This helps your body to repair and reverse some of the skin damage suffered during the day.

    On the other hand, poor sleep will make your skin look dull and eyes puffy. Sleeping well every night might very well beat any expensive anti-aging treatment.

    In the meanwhile, tell us in the comments below what methods do you use to feel and look younger!

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