Skincare Tips

ADAPT YOUR skincare regime to suit the season. During summer, you may prefer to use a wash-off cleanser and an oil-free moisturizer. In the winter if your skin becomes drier, use a creamy cleanser and a richer moisturizer.

ALWAYS WET your face with tepid water before working a wash-off cleanser into your skin.

MASSAGE CREAM cleansers into the skin and leave for a minute to allow make-up and grime to dissolve. Remove the cleanser with cotton wool.

IT IS essential to cleanse your skin before going to bed each night. It can take 25 days for the skin to naturally rid itself of make-up and impurities.

SOME PEOPLE do not need to wear moisturizer all the time or need to use it all over their faces. Gauge your skin's needs and apply accordingly.

YOU CAN mix and match products from different ranges and companies, provided they suit your skin.

IF YOU run out of moisturizer, you can use wheat germ oil as a substitute. To get more mileage from your toner, dilute it with mineral water.

DON'T JUDGE a new regime until you have used it for at least three weeks.

YOU DON'T have to splash out on fancy exfoliators. Instead, work cleanser over your face with a cleansing brush.

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