Wonder Ingredients

Topical Applications

The antioxidant vitamins E, C and betacarotene have been used for years both orally and in skincare products to mop up damaging free radicals which attack the skin. They also help ward off the signs of ageing and restore the skin's vitality.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Collagen, the skin's natural support system, breaks down with age. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can help boost collagen production, smooth the skin's surface and remove build-up of dead skin cells. Avoid AHAs if you have sensitive skin and remember that AHAs increase sun sensitivity.


An antioxidant found in the skins of red grapes, pink grapefruit, tomatoes and watermelon, lycopene is being used to treat the signs of sun-damaged skins. For a skin-brightening treat, rub tomato pulp into your face, leave it on for three minutes and then rinse off with warm water.


Extracted from grapeseed, pink bark and bilberry, proanthyocyanidins have a powerful effect, cleaning up free radicals on the skin. They also help prevent premature ageing of the skin and prevent the skin's protective barrier from weakening.


Derived from vitamin A, this powerful substance was originally used for acne. Dermatologists do recommend it for sun-damaged, wrinkled skin but it is not available in over-the-counter products. Now, Retinova (also known as Renova) has become a hot favorite in the anti-ageing battle. It contains the same active ingredient as retin-A, but is more widely available. Usage must be ongoing, otherwise the benefits will not last. It can cause irritation, skin redness and flaking so always do a patch test on your skin first. Sun sensitivity also increases with these products. Vitamin A derivatives are not recommended for black, olive or Asian skins and should not be used by pregnant women.

Hydration MicroAlgae (HMA)

Proprietary to Eumora, HMA are high quality organic micro-algae that are especially cultivated in fresh water lakes and provide a wide array of nutritional elements and Vitamin B1, B2 and B12. Its unique mesh structure helps to lock and absorb moisture that provides long lasting hydration. This tiny powerhouse is more than just a sidekick: it strengthens the skin’s own defense by removing external pollutants, boosting cell energy and grants a continuous deep and lasting moisturizing effect – giving you a healthy soft and bright skin.

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