Steam Clean

Deep cleansing the skin will revitalize the complexion and shift impurities. Aim to steam your face once a fortnight or once a week if you suffer from problem skin.

Boil a kettle and then pour the steaming water into a heat-resistant bowl. Tie your hair away from your face, and then place a towel over your head and so it covers the bowl. Aim to have your head at least 10cm away from the bowl. Remain like this for three minutes.

To enhance the cleansing benefits, try adding essential oils or herbal extracts to the water. Dry, mature skins will benefit from a couple of drops of rose otto oil; problem and oily skins will benefit from rosemary or tea tree oil; and normal skins are suited to lavender or jasmine oil.

As an alternative to using essential oils, you can add sprigs of fresh or dried herbs or herbal tea bags. To release the aromatic vapours, gently blow on the water surface. If you are suffering from a cold or have blocked sinuses, try using eucalyptus oil.

To protect the delicate eye area from the intense heat of the steam, apply eye cream before the treatment and if you have patches of thread veins or broken blood vessels on the skin, protect with a thin film of petroleum jelly. Do not steam your face if you suffer from epilepsy or cardiovascular problems, or if you have sensitive skin.

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