5 Tips to Have a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a season of giving and we can give back to the environment through environmentally friendly practices. We urge everyone to approach Christmas mindfully by making eco-friendly choices that are available at every step of the way - before and during Christmas.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Christmas Ornaments
    Teach children to reuse and recycle their old toys and plushies as decorations. You can even make your own Christmas "tree" with used bottles and cans. Use energy-efficient LED lights instead of traditional light bulbs.

  2. No-Tape Wrapping
    Reuse old scarves to wrap and tie gifts, which eliminates the use of sticky tape as well. Reuse boxes to pack presents. Your gifts can be wrapped using old newspapers. This helps to minimize deforestation and reduces paper wastage.

  3. Regifting
    With a little creativity, consider regifting presents instead of throwing them away. Gifting experiences instead of presents, such as a family day out, promotes bonding. Give fewer plastic products. Alternatives are wooden utensils, canvas tote bags and organic soap like EUMORA. Our product is made from 100% natural ingredients - Austrian Heilmoor Clay, HMA (Hydration MicroAlgae), Shea Butter.

  4. Rent a Christmas Tree
    Renting a Christmas tree is an alternative to putting up an artificial one made of plastic or using real pine trees, which are cut down. Air-conditioned facilities are typically used to keep real pine imports "fresh".

  5. Zero-Waste Parties
    Avoid over-ordering and portion just enough for the party. Consider more plant-based food instead of turkey and ham, as well as opting for sustainably sourced seafood. Stop using disposable cutlery when hosting Christmas parties.


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