Eumora: On a Mission to Replace Skincare with Skin Health

A brand is never just about the product they sell or the service they deliver. Its most crucial component is the purpose of the business and the mission they’re on. Their services and products will then reflect this mission, help them build the foundation of the business and their loyal followings.

That’s why Eumora began the journey with one clear mission in mind - to provide an all-natural range of products that will help people achieve healthy skin that starts from the inside.

This Singapore-based skin health brand is known for its signature moor clay soap bar that has been described as the holy grail for clear and spotless skin, an essential for skin rejuvenation, and the solution for common skin concerns such as eczema, acne, pigmentation, and more. To understand how our journey started, we need to go back to when we first got the idea for their signature product.

Replacing Skincare with Skin Health

Nicholas Chia, the founder of Eumora shared that it first started when Eumora was first promoted back in May 2008. When sharing his thought about how a brand usually starts out, Nicholas stated that

“A brand takes a long time to build. However, a good brand lasts for generations, it almost always begins with its history, or more importantly the reason for its initial creation. Some call it “identity”, while many know it as its mission.”

Our mission back then was simple! To help ordinary people achieve healthy skin through tried and tested all-natural solutions. We wanted to move away from skincare and highlight skin health instead - focusing on beauty from inside and out. Our promise was to deliver only tried and tested products made from natural, raw, and organic ingredients to help overcome skin concerns.

We wanted to protect their consumers by ensuring that every product we produce is well tested on the skin and is proven to show the promised results. Over in Europe, we traveled high and low in search of the perfect ingredient for their product. That’s when we explored the power of moor; amazing nutrient-rich peat, which has been known for centuries by beauty experts for its unparalleled impact on skin and body.

Just as self-explanatory as its name suggests, moor mud is a type of mud that is derived from moorlands. It is the product of the natural decomposition of multitudes of plants that have been permanently submerged up to 60 feet underground, covered by a very thick layer of clay that is totally protected from air, rain, or agricultural contaminant pollution.

Unlike other muds, we typically see used in various skincare and the spa industry, moor mud contains very little to no clay and is made up of organic residue of herbs, flowers, and grasses. This residue was transformed into a fine paste that easily dissolves in water after a period of thousands of years.

It is rich in bio-minerals that are highly absorbent. It contains humic as well as fulvic acids that carry nutrients into the cells while removing waste. In addition, it also contains protein-building amino acids and plant hormones that make it a beneficial and potent healing substance. It is effectively therapeutic, detoxifying, and contains cosmetic properties.

Highly popular, moor spas have existed for the rich and famous all over Europe for decades. That’s why Nicholas decided that we should bring this to the world, and not make it exclusively available only to people who can only travel to Europe to enjoy the amazing moot treatment.

“We wanted to bring it to ordinary folks, everywhere in the world. And today, we have succeeded as we are almost in every corner of the Planet.”

Now that we have gone deep into the center of the earth to bring moor to ordinary people, we wanted to complement that with another phenomenal ingredient to create a product that is more than just moor. So we went deep into the lakes, to bring yet another iconic natural ingredient to further enhance our product - the MicroAlgae, which is known as one of the best best-kept secrets in skincare formulation.

Also nutrient-rich and anti-aging in nature, we infused the MicroAlgae (HMA inside) into Eumora, making it the only facial moor bar with MicroAlgae. Perfectly enhancing our remarkable formulation of Eumora. MicroAlgae has existed for centuries, and it has certainly been tried and tested as an ingredient in countless skincare products.

With that, we presented Eumora, a skin health product with tried and tested benefits made purely from natural ingredients to the entire world, reaching out to ordinary people.

Since then we have enjoyed plenty of successes and positive responses from customers all over the world. After a decade-long success, we decided to relaunch Eumora with shea butter.

When sharing about our experience in relaunching Eumora, Nicholas pointed out that many of our customers asked why fix something that is not broken? Our reply was:

“We didn’t, we simply enhanced the product to upgrade its overall quality to ensure that we are always providing only the best to our customers”

This time we added shea butter, another symbolic natural ingredient for skincare harvested from the depths of the African forest. We infused the extract of the African shea tree into the newly relaunched Eumora (with Shea Butter), refashioned our packaging, and made the brand relevant to the new age while still ensuring that it screams luxury yet affordably priced with the single 35g bar separately boxed. We believe that this small yet impactful change will make Eumora restrengthen its standing amongst new generations.

Its mission, however, has not changed and will never change. It was born to do what it will continue to do, to be Eumora, always delivering its brand promise. 

“We do the things we need to do because of our identity. Our corporate philosophy ‘doing from being’. We know who we are, our identity is crystal clear so we will continue to move forward at the same magnitude and promise.”

Now we focus on bringing this great product to the world and redefining new channels, new strategies, new partnerships, new markets with the same “old” people, friends, and fans of Eumora that we believe will remain critical in the building of a great brand.

This article was first published on FaveBiz on 9 Oct 2020.

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    I have been using the Eumora clay bar for many months , it lasts and lasts , I have just re ordered 2 sets whilst on Offer , it really does work and for once got what was promised and was hoping for and NOT Disappointment .


    I have been using the Eumora clay bar for many months , it lasts and lasts , I have just re ordered 2 sets whilst on Offer , it really does work and for once got what was promised and was hoping for and NOT Disappointment .

  • Irene

    Looking forward to my delivery. Will let you know if it works.

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