Face Zones

Eye Care

The skin surrounding our eyes is very delicate and susceptible to the visible signs of ageing so it is essential to protect and hydrate properly. Opt for eye-care products enriched with sun protectors during the day and a reparative preparation at night.

Gently dab it on using your fingertips, working from the outer corner of the eye inwards. Only apply along the orbital bone as the natural warmth of the skin will distribute the product where it is needed. If it creeps into the eye, it can result in under eye puffiness. For the same reason, do not apply above your eyes. For a refreshing treat, store the product in the fridge. Cleanse the eye area with a product specifically formulated for this task, as it won't irritate the eyes.

Late nights, stress, fluid retention, toxin build up, sinus problems and fatigue also cause darkness and puffiness under the eyes. To reduce eye bags, do some exercise, preferably high impact, or put cotton wool doused with chilled witch hazel or camomile water over the eyes for five minutes.

Lip Treats

The lips have 3-5 layers of skin, compared to the rest of the body, which has 15 layers. They also have a minimal amount of melanin to protect them against the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays so it is essential, especially in summer or when exposed to extreme sunlight, to shield the lips with a high-SPF balm or lipstick. The lower lip is a very common place for skin cancers to develop. The lips do not contain many sebaceous glands so are not naturally hydrated.

Be careful with petroleum-based balms. Although effective, they can be addictive as the lips become accustomed to the ingredients and you need to constantly reapply to reap the benefits. As so much of what we put on our lips is ingested, look for a natural formula that is not laced with artificial ingredients.

If you are prone to chapping and flakiness, coat the lips with petroleum jelly and use an old toothbrush to gently buff them. This removes superfluous skin. When applying your moisturizer, don't neglect the skin around the lips.

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