How to Detox Your Skin and Get the Glow On

Do you know that your internal health will affect the health of your skin? You may also not know that cleansing and detoxifying can improve your skin health. There are claims stating that by cleansing and detoxifying, your skin health will improve and you will even look younger. Cleansing can also help your skin to be free from acne and redness. Let’s take a look at how.


Toxins – the Main Cause

To detoxify is to remove all the impurities and pollutants in the body. Experts say that the skin is one of the main organs for the toxins to be eliminated from the body. But when the natural removal process of toxins from the body gets sluggish, the skin will not be able to handle it that well. Hence, resulting in skin inflammation and irritation while trying to remove the toxins.

Exposure to the sun, chemicals, cigarette smoke, medications or waste products from body processes like digestion and respiration can contribute toxins to the skin.

People today are more apprehensive over too much exposure to toxins as compared to the past. In today’s world, it is beset with artificial substances and chemicals, and we consume them unconsciously. Some examples are food with preservatives or with artificial colourings or flavours added, food with remains from pesticides and even food with man-made hormones and antibiotics. The truth is, toxins are everywhere. Thus, the chance of your skin being affected by these toxins is highly probable!


Types of Cleansing that is Best for the Skin

So what are the best ways you can cleanse your skin? Check out these advices we have on the different types of cleansing methods and approaches.


# Fresh Juice

Believers of cleansing put their faith in using fresh juice to treat their acnes. They strongly believe that by replacing intake of solid food with consumption of vegetable and fruit juices will help to flush their internal systems and flood it with good nutrients. Some people have also successfully replace their otherwise healthy diet with vegetable and fruit juices.


# Topical Detox

Most believe that skin exfoliation will help to detoxify the skin because the dead skin cells on the top layer can be shed. To do so, use gentle exfoliation and steam on your face, then use a soft brush to scrub the skin of your body. Alternatively, you can use a towel to rub your skin vigorously with a towel after a splash of cool water.


# Colon Cleansing

In order to have a healthy skin tone, healthy digestion is crucial. There are various methods to colon cleansing, so choose one that suits your budget and schedule. According to health experts, colon cleansing that allows for digestive health, will enhance your skin health.


# Heal from the Inside Out

Use a skin health (not skin care) product to clean your skin daily. Pick a facial cleanser that is natural, chemical free and pH-neutral. Avoid all harsh soaps, foaming cleanser, peels and scrubs. Eumora, being more skin health than skin care, works inside out and not just on the outside. It nourishes your skin because of the moor mud. Eumora cleanses effectively without harming the skin because it is one of the very few pH-neutral facial bars in the world.


Final note: In order to maintain your healthy skin, it is essential that you commit yourself to consistent care for your skin through a regular skincare routine, a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Do you have other tips on how to detox your skin? Share your favourite methods in the comments!


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