The Changing Face

As we grow older, there are simple solutions to maintaining a radiant complexion and looking good. We are faced with factors such as the slowing down of cell production, loss of skin elasticity and diminishing muscle tone. By the time we reach 50, cell turnover will have decreased by 50%, the skin will have become considerably thinner and it till be less resilient. The skin's surface will thicken and become uneven as the cells clump together. It loses its tone and vibrancy as the activity of the pigment producing cells decreases and if the cells clump together, brown spots develop. Regular exfoliation will remove the redundant top layer of dead cells and actually stimulates cell reproduction lower down in the epidermis. Use a rich moisturizer during the day and at night and a moisturizing mask weekly. Look for specialist preparations, such as hydrating serums and eye-care products, but remember no potion is capable of turning back the years.

Acne Rosacea

This condition is characterized by red, inflamed skin on the cheeks, nose and chin, and can occur at any age but often gets worse during menopause. It can be triggered by stress, alcohol, spicy foods and weather extremes. Keep skincare very simple. Try sweet almond oil as a cleanser and then also to moisturize. Keep out of the sun, drink lots of water daily, avoid stress and use a green make-up base under foundation to neutralize redness.

Uneven Pigmentation

Caused by fluctuating hormones, food allergies, sunlight, physical trauma or the Pill, uneven skin tone can occur at any age. It may be rectified using creams containing natural lightening agents, or the chemical hydroquinone. If pigmentation occurs, avoid harsh skincare preparations and overzealous scrubs. Always keep skin well hydrated and wear a sunscreen. Try a foundation slightly darker than the pigmented area, bended over the face and neck.

In Vein

Thread veins and broken blood vessels on our faces can be very common in later life. To treat, they can be cauterized with a needle (known as scelotherapy) or zapped with a laser. Both of these are successful treatments provided you find a good practitioner to carry out the task. Always protect delicate areas with moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Shield your skin from the sun and avoid contact with very hot water. Hot, spicy foods and alcohol aggravate the condition.

Eye Work

Don't neglect your eyes as you get older, and incorporate these simple eye exercises into your daily skincare regime. Keep you head straight and roll your eyes, working in a circle from left to right. Then circle in the opposite direction. Repeat 10 times to each side. Keeping your head still, look up and down, repeating 10 times. Finish by gently tapping the skin around the eyes with the pads of the fingers to stimulate blood flow and ease fluid retention.

Eye Bright

After menopause as oestrogen levels drop, women are susceptible to dry eyes. Treat with chamomile eye-drops or the juice of a cucumber as an eyebath. To maintain eye health, increase your intake of orange and green fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish and seeds, and reduce your intake of saturated animal fats.

Pillow Talk

How we sleep can affect how we look. Dermatologists can identify how we sleep from looking at our faces. Wrinkles usually form on one side of the face where it is embedded in the pillow. To prevent this occurring, try using a satin pillowcase.

Capsule Beauty

Treat your complexion once a week with a capsule of evening primrose oil. Pierce the capsule with a pin and massage the oil into your cleansed face. After 30 minutes, tissue off any oil that hasn't been absorbed.

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