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 The "Apple" of Facial Bars


Why Does Eumora Sell? 

  • Most famous facial bar in the world - Millions of bars sold within the first 3 years. Extremely popular in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Award winning brand of 10 years
  • Great story to tell - Eumora promises a beautiful glow after three minutes of application. Tested and proven!
  • Secret formulation is propriety and works wonders on all skin types
  • Solid customer testimonials and success stories among teenagers, mums and grandmums
  • Solves critical skin issues like acne, freckles, pigmentation, pores, wrinkles, etc.
  • Serving a Core Human Need - Who doesn't want to be beautiful?
  • There's nothing like Eumora in the market that delivers such a superior outcome of radiant skin in one simple package and at such an affordable price point.
You will add lots of value and make a big difference to lives around the world. Our aim is to make the complex world of beauty products easy. Everyone can attain youthful skin and live beautifully.

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What We Offer

These products are available for wholesale purchase.

Eumora Moor Bar
The sensational Moor facial bar, infused with Hma (Hydration microalgae factor) is formulated with 100% world-class grade of ingredients imported from Europe. Eumora Moor Bar is suitable for everyday use on all skin types. It simply cleans and actively tones the skin for a brighter and refreshed result. One Box of Eumora 'Miracle' Facial Bar contains 4 x 25g bars.
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    Skin Care for All Skin Types, Anti-Aging, Acne, Men & Women
    Eumora Spa
    The best-selling Eumora bar, infused with Hma (Hydration microalgae factor), now enhanced with 100% natural red pine extract, adding extraordinary experiences to your prestigious lifestyle. The product also works equally as well as a shampoo as it helps improve the scalp and hair. It gives an instant revitalizing and alluring sensation after use. One Box of Eumora Spa contains 4 x 25g bars.

      buy wholesale soap for hair and scalp

        For Face, Hair & Scalp

        Individual bars can be delivered with either white wrapper or transparent cling wrap. You may thereafter package the bars into your own boxes for resale. We will provide all the marketing materials pertaining to the bars such as ingredients list (details of moor mud and HmA factor). This is all protected by trademark and will remain strictly propriety throughout the arrangement.

        Our wholesale soap prices start low and further discounts are available for large orders. Get your wholesale soap supplies now!

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