Vitamin C - Superhero of Skincare

Known as one of the superheroes of skincare – along with SPF and retinol – Vitamin C skincare has proven benefits, from acting as a protective antioxidant and boosting healthy collagen to combating pigmentation.

Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, helps to repair our body tissues and supports muscles. It plays many roles including the formation and structure of the skin barrier. Vitamin C fights off free radicals and protects skin cells from everyday damage from UV rays and exposure like air pollution, thereby maintaining your skin health. It essentially triggers the skin to heal itself.

Being an acid derived from citrus fruits and many other colorful fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C is packed with antioxidants that are known for brightening the skin and helping with hyperpigmentation and dark patches, along with fighting the signs of aging. It also helps to speed up collagen and elastin to keep the skin plump and firm. Without Vitamin C, our skin becomes very thin and fragile resulting in a sluggish sallow, aging skin.

It is worthy to know that starting from the age of 25, our collagen production decreases and skin cell turnover slows down from once a month to 2-3 weeks. In our 40s this is 45-60 days, and over 60-90 days in our 50s and above.

How You Can Get Collagen and Elastin

It is also worthy to note that our body cannot produce Vitamin C naturally. As it is water soluble, our body does not store it. It is important to get a daily dose of Vitamin C and when applied topically we need to repeat daily.

It is proven that eating foods rich in Vitamin C can increase levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid, both are vital for the skin. Foods such as oranges, berries, tropical fruits, red and green capsicums, broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes and many more, are some of the ways we can get it in to our system to stimulate collagen and elastin, helping to accelerate our skin cell turnover.

Keeping up with a skin care routine is critical! Due to bar soaps being a higher concentrate with smaller particles, they can penetrate on a cellular level to deliver obvious benefits in a shorter time. We absolutely love our Vitamin C’s hero, Eumora Bath & Body Bar, as it delivers powerful results with an active blend of HMA (Hydration MicroAlgae) and Vitamin C.

We love Vitamin C. What would you say you love about Vitamin C?

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